March 20, 2012

Minot Area Safety Association

3/20/2012 General Meeting Minutes

Seven's Restaurant/The Vegas Hotel

This is a sad and desperate day for MASA. At Marches meeting, it was decided to suspend the association until further notice. The incredible lack of interest, poor attendance, in spite of above average presentations, and participation of members to join the board and technical difficulties with our website are the causes of this. Janelle Schell and Kelani Beirman, along with a couple of new members with ties to the oilfield businesses were given until November 30, 2012 to re-organize and re-invigorate MASA with a recruiting drive to spark interest from new and existing businesses in the Minot area. If nothing is done at that point, the money in our coffers will be donated to a charity. The three main causes for failure are listed below:


  1. It was also stated that our website was virtually non-functioning, so companies could not join on-line even if they wanted to. Kelani Beirman stated she would look into this and try and get the website up and going. This communication problem will should be cleared up within 2 months. It was decided that we may have to pay someone to maintain the website and send out invitations and keep our roster up to date.


  1. Steve Pfeninger, acting President had a round table meeting. The topic was how members feel about the direction MASA has gone n the last year. The board members spoke first then each attending member got to speak their piece. The board members have been on the board for 80% of their time in MASA, showing that there has been no new blood taking leadership roles on the board. The existing board members are suffering from burnout.


  1. One new member stated that companies could get their formal training from other resources, and that could be the reason why there is a lack of interest in associations like MASA. Formal training was never the intent of MASA. The intent of MASA was to provide informative presentations on different safety topics for the workplace and home. In addition, MASA was kind of a “birds of a feather” type of association, a network tool for safety professionals in various companies, where once a month you could meet with other people who had the same headaches and problems as you do as the safety person for your company.


Hopefully MASA can be resurrected and interest be restored and we can become the safety network that we have enjoyed for the last 12 years. Northrop Grumman will become an active member again if this can be resolved and I hope all past members will follow suit. Hope to see you soon.



Respectfully Submitted,

Roger Schroeder